Make sure your home is protected

Building and Contents insurance (also known as home insurance) is a combined insurance that covers both the contents of your home and the building itself.

Mortgage lenders will usually make Buildings insurance a condition of the loan.


This insurance covers your property against disasters that are beyond your control and in worst case scenario could leave your house so baldy damaged it needs to be rebuilt. Events such as extreme fires, flood damage, damage due to storms, explosions, water leakage/ burst pipes, third party vandalism and subsidence are all things usually covered by building insurance.


This type of cover insures all the none fixed content of your property against damage, theft and even loss.

There are two main types of Contents Insurance:

    • The cheaper option is Indemnity Insurance.
      This cover will replace anything lost, damaged or stolen with a replacement of the same age.
    • The more expensive option is the “New for Old” Insurance:
      In the event of you needing to have any of your possessions replace due to loss, damage of theft you will be given a brand new replacement regardless of the original item’s age.

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